Robots Become the Customer of the Future for Utilities

Build the Grid for Robots – Your New Customer!

By: Eamonn McCormick, Chief Architect, Energy Blockchain Consortium, LLC and Stuart McCafferty, Managing Director, Black & Veatch Management Consulting The energy industry is about to be reshaped by a new robotic customer. Look around! The robots are coming and they are here to stay. The growth in robotics and artificial intelligence is quickly finding its way into everyday life. From consumer products to transportation to how we are targeted for advertisements, AI and robots are

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Connected Communities

Cities Are Getting Smarter

As the line between physical and digital reality disappears, smart hardware and software help cities leverage their existing assets and provide seamless connectivity across critical systems. Planning, operation, and visibility work in unison when systems operate together, which means communities maximize management efficiencies and take advantage of synergies. Working with city leaders, their constituents, and industry trailblazers, Black & Veatch plans, designs, and implements scalable, integrated solutions across smart city, public safety, and community broadband

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Ready to Embrace Opportunities in Digital Infrastructure?

VIDEO: Accelerating the Smart City Transformation Every second, the Internet of Things produces staggering amounts of information. But what does it tell us about our power, water and telecommunications networks, and where does all of that data go? Its time for solutions that put you back in control. As a member of BVKN, our members have the opportunity to engage in a variety of IoT related projects and even explore the new frontier of digital

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