Learn More About Black & Veatch Management Consulting, LLC.

As a member of BVKN, you will work with professionals from Black & Veatch Management Consulting.

Black & Veatch’s Management Consulting business brings together global consulting professionals, experienced industry executives, senior analysts and technology experts from across the electric, water, oil, natural gas and technology industries. This expertise, combined with seamless access to the company’s world-class engineering, procurement, construction and operations capabilities, experienced senior executives, economists, senior policy experts and regulatory officials, engineers and internationally respected subject‐matter experts, makes Black & Veatch uniquely qualified to assist clients with their most complex challenges.

Our diverse consulting service offerings span financial, process, and technology solutions, and many of our experienced professionals possess cross functional skills including asset management, cost of service/rate design, business process / work flow analysis, and implementation services.
We have provide consulting services to clients in the power market for decades. Our experience includes economic feasibility studies, need for power applications, 10 year plans, and numerous filings for FPSC, FRCC, EIA, and Others. Our studies, whether justifying a new plant or helping a buyer or seller with an existing plant sale, typically consist of the following major work streams:

  • Evaluation of the existing demand, and either development or review of the forecasted utilities demand over the study period
  • Evaluation of existing system performance and portfolio mix
  • Condition assessment of existing assets, maintenance provisions, contracts, and revenue requirements
  • Development of alternatives, including upgrade / modification of existing equipment and addition of new equipment to meet the forecast of utilities demand. This task includes the development of preliminary design concepts and cost estimates to support economic evaluation
  • Economic evaluation of the alternative development scenarios to identify the optimal utilities supply plan
  • A recommended plan is produced based on economics, client preferences, and the ability of each alternative to meet the technical requirements of utilities supply