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Cities Are Getting Smarter

As the line between physical and digital reality disappears, smart hardware and software help cities leverage their existing assets and provide seamless connectivity across critical systems. Planning, operation, and visibility work in unison when systems operate together, which means communities maximize management efficiencies and take advantage of synergies.

Working with city leaders, their constituents, and industry trailblazers, Black & Veatch plans, designs, and implements scalable, integrated solutions across smart city, public safety, and community broadband markets. With innovative connected solutions, leaders expand connected services, enhance city system efficiency, heighten quality of life, and meet the needs of future generations.

Members of Black & Veatch Knowledge Network have opportunities to work on management consulting project that support the growth and development of connected communities. Career opportunities within the digital economy continue to grow and expand. BVKN provides contract opportunities to consult on project that bring together communication networks, the IoT application layer and data analytics to connect community elements and create smart functions.

Currently, many opportunities focus around utilizing IoT to improve community safety. Fred Ellermeier, Black & Veatch Vice President of Connect Communities recently shared his thoughts around the opportunities and needs around connected communities.

“A city will never be ‘smart’ until it is safe.”

Fred Ellermeier
Black & Veatch, Vice President of Connected Communities.

Media Planet, Future of Business and Tech

With the United Nations reporting that 60 percent of the global population will call an urban area home by 2030, what are the most pressing infrastructural systems that cities will need to evaluate to meet the growing demand of this population?

Public safety will transform dramatically over the next decade. A city will never be “smart” until it is safe. Smart video, early gunshot warning, environmental sensors, drone surveillance and advanced communication systems will all be a part of this transforming public safety landscape that will keep our populations safe. We see advancement on all fronts and communication systems are the foundation of this progress. The combination of FirstNet data communication and other first responder communication system upgrades are critical to the advancement of smart, safe cities.

The ability to take advantage of affordable and accessible transportation options often dictates a citizen’s ability to achieve personal and economic success—from employment and education opportunities to health care options, a person’s quality of life is often contingent upon their access to transportation. What trends in technology are you seeing advance the equitable transportation infrastructure?

The reason we travel and the mode of travel will transform dramatically over the next decade.  Technology gives many the ability to work from anywhere. Social media also adapts our mobility motives. Imagine the well-organized transportation potential of a fully autonomous landscape.  Couple that with high speed options such as hyperloop technology, and you begin to see the tremendous impacts these transportation modes will have on the way we live, work and play.  Multi-modal hubs will have a de-congesting effect on our transportation future and open the door to new work and play opportunities.

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