Supporting Our Client Communities – Giving Back

As a member of Black & Veatch Knowledge Network you not only can grow and expand your career experience alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry, but you also have an opportunity to engage in our client communities through volunteering.

Read the story about how our PPL consulting team in Allentown, PA are making a difference by supporting the 6th Street Shelter.

In early June, the Black & Veatch Management Consulting project team working on PPL Electric Utilities in Allentown, Pennsylvania, began volunteering at the 6th Street Shelter. The facility offers temporary housing for families in transition, as well as food and supplies for 90 days.

The Allentown project team intends to continue donating their time and efforts to the facility, having first become involved when their client (PPL) ran a school supplies drive for shelter families. The team also supported a toy drive PPL conducted on behalf of the shelter during last year’s holiday season.

This year, the Black & Veatch Management Consulting team decided to become more directly involved in supporting the shelter. Five volunteers recently helped stock the shelter’s shelves with supplies, and they are making plans for fun activities with the families. Reading, conducting kid-friendly science experiments, hosting barbecues and weeding the garden are all on the list of ways the team intends to spend their time on 6th street. Once they solidify their calendar of events at the shelter, they plan to invite PPL to join them.

“Sharing a community service effort builds a common ground outside of work, and it helps strengthen the client relationship,” said BVMC Director Tim Imlah. The project team will be in Allendale through 2019, and they expect to visit the 6th Street Shelter many times between now and the end of their stay.

“People in today’s world are busy but we’re also looking for ways to give back to the local community, and that’s what the PPL project team is doing,” Imlah said.

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