Graduating? Now What?


Job prospects for the Class of 2018 are vastly different from 10 years ago

Jillian Berman – MarketWatchMay 10, 2018

As Anna Hallahan prepared to graduate from Georgetown University this year, she wasn’t feeling too much angst.

The 22-year-old already had a job lined up, a return offer from the government agency where she had interned the summer before. That meant she was able to enjoy her senior year and avoid the slog of recruiting events, cover letters and interviews that most of her classmates faced. Except for the typical stress that comes with finding a job after college, no one seemed too worried, she said.

“It was always like ‘Of course, I’m going to find a job,” she said. “The option of not finding one wasn’t even something that, in my opinion, crosses a lot of people’s minds.”

That is a vastly different experience from what many college graduates were facing 10 years ago. Whereas the class of 2018 is graduating into an economy on the upswing—the unemployment rate dropped below 4% for the first time since 2000 last month—the class of 2008 entered the workforce at just about the time things started to go downhill.

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