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Uncovering Specialized Engineering and Consulting Talent

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Gig Economy: Uncovering Specialized Engineering and Consulting Talent

Ride hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have quickly transformed the landscape of the transportation sector, and the rise of on-demand services and associated business models have changed how individuals can earn revenue. As today’s work culture continues to evolve to accommodate more flexible schedules, the gig economy’s potential to advance companies that require specialized expertise is also becoming more evident.

In the engineering, procurement and consulting arena in particular, increasingly complex projects can benefit from support from subject matter experts that can bring new, innovative ideas to the table.

“The ability to quickly engage and deploy specialized talent enables organizations to broaden the pool of professional resources they can access to support client projects,” said Bob Welch, Vice President, COO of Black & Veatch Management Consulting, LLC. “Utilizing the talents of these contractors is a win-win for everyone. The contractor benefits by having more control over their projects and our clients benefit by being able to access experienced talent  when they need it.”

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