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The Black & Veatch Knowledge Network (BVKN) was developed to support individuals who prefer the independent, contract-based career path. As a member of BVKN you have the ability to express interest in opportunities that best align to your specialized interest and fit your schedule. No matter where you are in your career, BVKN could be the right fit.

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Is Your Career Looking for More Flexibility?

As a member of the BVKN, you may be assigned to and accept opportunities that best align with your skills and interests. Assignments vary in length, travel requirements and scheduled tasks. Members often have unique skills or professional experiences, such as the following examples:

  • Expert testimony
  • Specialized market planning expertise
  • Facility operations
  • Asset site visit assessment
  • Technology implementation
  • Business development
  • Proposal and technical writing

How Can You Become a BVKN Member?

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“I wanted to find a way to have an opportunity to focus on my key areas of interest. BVKN is the perfect place for me.”

You may apply for BVKN membership by completing our online profile form. Once you submit your completed profile, the pre-approval request process will initiate. You may also be contacted directly if we feel your skills are a match for a current opportunity.

To be considered for membership, you will need to meet several requirements including a background check and proof insurance coverage including commercial general liability insurance, automobile liability insurance, professional liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance with employer’s liability insurance. As a member of BVKN, you will be an independent contractor and issued a 1099 tax form, you will not be a W-2 employee.

Learn more about how the BVKN can support your career development goals by reviewing our program guide and additional resources:

Download the BVKN program guide
Download the BVKN membership details

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