Robots Become the Customer of the Future for Utilities

Build the Grid for Robots – Your New Customer!

By: Eamonn McCormick, Chief Architect, Energy Blockchain Consortium, LLC and Stuart McCafferty, Managing Director, Black & Veatch Management Consulting The energy industry is about to be reshaped by a new robotic customer. Look around! The robots are coming and they are here to stay. The growth in robotics and artificial intelligence is quickly finding its way into everyday life. From consumer products to transportation to how we are targeted for advertisements, AI and robots are

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5 Questions Utilities Should Ask Themselves

Featured in T&D World By John Chevrette and Ed Walsh September 11, 2018 As more customer move toward adopting distributed generation, the debate centers around who should bear the cost of maintaining central generation, transmission and distribution. The energy ecosystem is changing, reshaped by the emergence of distributed clean energy, increased competition from new technologies and service providers, evolving customer expectations, and new opportunities for serving those customers. As traditional business models evolve, electric utilities

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Connected Communities

Cities Are Getting Smarter

As the line between physical and digital reality disappears, smart hardware and software help cities leverage their existing assets and provide seamless connectivity across critical systems. Planning, operation, and visibility work in unison when systems operate together, which means communities maximize management efficiencies and take advantage of synergies. Working with city leaders, their constituents, and industry trailblazers, Black & Veatch plans, designs, and implements scalable, integrated solutions across smart city, public safety, and community broadband

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Supporting Our Client Communities – Giving Back

As a member of Black & Veatch Knowledge Network you not only can grow and expand your career experience alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry, but you also have an opportunity to engage in our client communities through volunteering. Read the story about how our PPL consulting team in Allentown, PA are making a difference by supporting the 6th Street Shelter. In early June, the Black & Veatch Management Consulting project

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Ready to Embrace Opportunities in Digital Infrastructure?

VIDEO: Accelerating the Smart City Transformation Every second, the Internet of Things produces staggering amounts of information. But what does it tell us about our power, water and telecommunications networks, and where does all of that data go? Its time for solutions that put you back in control. As a member of BVKN, our members have the opportunity to engage in a variety of IoT related projects and even explore the new frontier of digital

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Graduating? Now What?

FEATURED ARTICLE – MARKETWATCH Job prospects for the Class of 2018 are vastly different from 10 years ago Jillian Berman – MarketWatchMay 10, 2018 As Anna Hallahan prepared to graduate from Georgetown University this year, she wasn’t feeling too much angst. The 22-year-old already had a job lined up, a return offer from the government agency where she had interned the summer before. That meant she was able to enjoy her senior year and avoid

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BVKN Members

Uncovering Specialized Engineering and Consulting Talent

Featured Insights Article Gig Economy: Uncovering Specialized Engineering and Consulting Talent Ride hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have quickly transformed the landscape of the transportation sector, and the rise of on-demand services and associated business models have changed how individuals can earn revenue. As today’s work culture continues to evolve to accommodate more flexible schedules, the gig economy’s potential to advance companies that require specialized expertise is also becoming more evident. In the engineering,

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Is a Career in Renewable Energy for You?

FEATURED ARTICLE – FORBES.COM New Study Shows That the US is the Second Most Attractive Country for Renewable Energy By: William Pentland, Contributor to May 1, 2018 The United States is the second most attractive nation for renewable energy investments, according to the newest annual global ranking prepared by Ernst & Young. The international accounting juggernaut E&Y released the 2018 Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) today, showing that the U.S. is now second only to China

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The Rise of the Gig Economy

By Arion Jackson Analyst, Black & Veatch Management Consultant Flexibility…we’re starting to hear about this more and more as the workforce shifts to the next generation. Whether you’re an employer or someone seeking work, you’ve probably encountered this topic in job applications and interviews quite a bit lately. The desire for more flexibility has found its way to the forefront of the job search these days. The tide is turning and companies like Black &

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